How to Start Selling Your Designs Through a Third Party Seller


Through technological advancement in recent years, buying and selling of products and services have become more comfortable. Selling your designs is also a minor task with technology. Selling through a third party seller even makes it better. A third party seller is an independent seller that sells varieties of products, whether used, refurbished, or new without being confined to a brand.

As an entrepreneur who wishes to sell your designs through a third-party seller, you have to know some basic things about the site that will ensure that your business grows effectively. Some of these things include.

The Right Channel

A significant factor you need to consider is if the particular third party platform you are is the right one for you. Getting the right channel for your designs will ensure that customers can find you and get to patronize your services. Getting the right channel is essential because not all channels are right for your type of business or products rendered. You can also learn more about my online fashion store.

Size of the Platform

Although most people may not have an interest in your designs enough to patronize you on third party seller platforms, featuring on a large number of third-party market space or platforms will help.

Product Visibility

Product visibility is another major factor to consider before settling for a third party seller. You need to ensure that the platform does not only bring more people but ensures that your products are visible enough to them.

Policies and Fees

Another factor to consider before selling your designs through a third party seller is the policies and prices. Apart from getting the third party site or platform, you need to ensure that their systems are right by you, and you can handle the fees charged.

After looking out for the factors to consider while checking out a third party seller, here are few advantages of selling through a third party seller:

Attracting New Customers

Selling through a third party gives you the necessary publicity that your business requires to thrive. Through the third party platform, potential customers get to hear about your brand and designs and may decide to patronize you. One-time patronage may lead to multiple ones if the models suit their taste. The repeated purchase will increase the sales of your brand.


Costs like advertising and promoting your designs on a third party seller platform are already covered. Hence, your business gets to enjoy the laid down structures such as shipping, customer services that the site provides.


Selling through a third party seller does not restrict your products to a single platform. This lack of restriction makes the task of selling your designs flexible enough to appear on numerous third-party seller platforms as long as you have an account with them.

Comfortable Shopping Experience for Customers

Life is made easy in recent times through the use of technology. Customers can shop for their designs online without going through stress. This experience will ensure that they keep patronizing as long as the designs suit them.