A Guide on Buying an Engagement Ring


The time might come when you know that the all-important engagement question will become a reality for yourself and your future spouse; however, you might need help figuring out where to start when it comes down to the jewelry-choosing aspect of the whole deal. Therefore, it is recommended to read multiple articles on sites such as justfashionnow reviews to research this topic thoroughly to understand where to start your shopping journey for an engagement ring. You might be tempted to start this exercise by doing some online shopping to see which variety of diamonds and crews are on the market; however, by doing so, you need to have the correct margins of the perfect size on hand; it is highly recommended though, that you do your research thoroughly before investing in a ring that your future spouse would wear for the rest of their lives.

Tips when buying a diamond

Like many of you, there is always the aspect of the budget, so beforehand, give yourself the estimated expenditure you have available to purchase such a significant investment. In addition, it is crucial that you not only choose a style of diamond that suits you but would also agree with them, such as the diamond size and shape. Afterward, it would be a good idea to understand what type of metal you would be incorporating with the making of such a significant piece; it can either be white cold or pure solid steel, as this is up to you and your future spouse, the final decision lies with not only your preference but also theirs. Moreover, take your time; in saying this, do some investigation online. Next is finding the perfect ring size, and there are various ways to accomplish this. And finally, get the proper certification to ensure you get the correct paperwork to back the value of the engagement ring.

The importance of the 4C’s

It is essential to learn the crucial 4C’s when choosing the perfect diamond to place on the finger of your most loved one. Therefore, starting with the cut of the diamond should be the perfect start to your engagement journey, as the cut is seen as the most important as it shows off the craftsmanship of the diamond itself. The color of the diamond is next and ranges between D, H, N, and Z, which are the indication of the color, and this color indicates if the diamonds are colorless or white in appearance. Furthermore, the clarity of the stone’s outward appearance would show inclusions and external blemishes not always visible to the naked eye. And finally, the carat, which refers to the diamond’s weight, as if your bride is petite in bone structure, a heavily weighted diamond would not be suitable at all, as it might be uncomfortable to wear.

Different shapes

There are four main diamond shapes on the market, and you should always ensure that this aspect meets your requirements and theirs. For example, there is a solitaire with a single stone showing off the central diamond than the stones that might surround it. A side stone is next, and as the name suggests, the central solitaire is placed on the side or in the middle and surrounded by the other diamonds, which is needed to ensure the perfect placement of the central diamond. Three stone is when the central diamond is in the middle with other central stones set directly next to the main one. And the Pavee is when the central diamond is surrounded by tiny diamonds, giving the illusion of a bigger diamond in the middle.